After an intense softball injury during her freshman year of college which resulted in a shoulder surgery, Presley attended her first yoga class. Since then she has leaned on yoga for physical, spiritual, and mental support. She continues to return to the mat each day, discovering deeper levels of gratitude, perseverance, and acceptance. 

Presley was officially certified as a 230-hour yoga instructor by the Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, North Carolina, where she was inspired to bring yoga to the lives of her South Mississippi friends and family. Serving as a middle school teacher and active member in the mission of First United Methodist Church of Gulfport, Presley believes yoga empowers us in every area of our lives.  

As a yoga instructor her aim is to hold a space for sustainable self-care practices through thoughtful movement and breathing. Presley looks forward to sharing the knowledge of yoga and debunking the stereotypes that often keep people from pursuing a sustainable yoga practice. During her classes she goes out of her way to make all students feel comfortable and safe while offering ways to find one’s personal edges. Presley hopes to help students find connections between their practice on the mat and their everyday lives. She is passionate about bringing health and healing, physically, mentally, and spiritually, to each class. She & her husband, Joshua, have been practicing yoga together since moving back to Gulfport in 2013, and are continually thankful for the principles yoga has instilled in their lives.