Just getting started? Here are some helpful tips for classes:  

Please do not wear shoes into the studio.    We have cubby spaces available for your shoes and other belongings.   

What should I bring to class?

Please bring water to class.    We suggest you wear comfortable clothing.  Capris or leggings are recommended for yoga and barre classes.   Do not wear lotions or creams on your hands and feet as they can cause you to slip and lose your grip.

What props are provided for classes?

We have all of the necessary props for yoga and barre classes - mats, blankets, blocks, straps, light hand weights and various other props.  

Class Etiquette:  

  • Please arrive on time!  The studio door will open 15 minutes prior to class allowing everyone time to put their belongings away,  get necessary props and check in to class.  
  • If you cannot make a class that you have previously booked in the MINDBODY app, please cancel at least 2 hours prior. This will ensure that you don't lose the class credit and will allow others who may be waitlisted to join the class.
  • Studio door will be locked 10 minutes after the start of class, and students will not be allowed into class 10 minutes after scheduled start time.   Arriving late to class is a distraction to the teacher as well as to the other students in class.   
  • In yoga classes, please do not leave during svasana, which is our final resting pose of all yoga classes.   Svasana is deeply relaxing and calms the mind.  However, we do understand leaving early is unavoidable at times.   If you must leave early, please  tell the teacher in advance.   
  • Please clean any props you have used during class with the cleaner provided by the studio and replace the props back in their place in the prop room.


Let this hour be about you!   Cellphones are not allowed in the studio space.   Please put cellphones on silent and stored with your belongings.   

I am pregnant, can I still participate in a class?

Pregnant women must  contact the studio via email or phone to schedule a consult BEFORE enrolling in classes in order for us to determine which classes may or may not be suitable for you.   A physician's clearance must be provided.   Pregnancy is not the appropriate time to begin a new exercise routine.    Unfortunately, prenatal classes  are not offered at this time.    

Tell me about your return policy.

Packages and monthly unlimited memberships are not refundable.  If you need to cancel your monthly membership for any reason, let us know before your renewal date. Your service will run through the month you have paid for.   Ten class packages expire after six months of your first class.

Something came up, I can’t make class.   What is your no show policy?

Reservations must be cancelled TWO HOURS prior to the start of class in order to avoid a $10 late cancelation fee.    

How do I sign up?

We use the The Yoga Barre app powered by MindBody for you to book and pay for classes.  We encourage you to sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot.  If you can’t make class, please cancel your reservation in The Yoga Barre app a minimum of two hours before the start of class so another student can book.   DOWNLOAD HERE

Parking and Studio Entrance:

Our studio entrance is located on the south side of the building via "the deck."   There are two parking lots; however, for your convenience, we suggest using the east parking lot located behind the building.