Reflection, Gratitude and Excitement

Over the past week, I have been reflecting on the journey of The Yoga Barre. It is unbelievable how much the studio has grown from its very humble start.

I want to personally thank everyone who voted The Yoga Barre Best Yoga, Barre & Pilates studio in the 2019 Sun Herald People’s Choice awards. It is such an honor to receive first place for the second year in a row. Your support has blown me away. Along this beautiful journey, I have met so many amazing people and have made so many lifelong friendships. I really do believe the quote “Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life.” I look forward to every day at the studio and talking and visiting and teaching each of you.


I want to thank my dedicated, passionate teachers for helping make the studio what it has become - a beautiful community of like-minded people connecting with each other, improving their health and enjoying themselves. Carrie Miller, Christina Pike, Sharon Gargiulo, Rachel Smith and Brittany Simmons, each of you are exceptional women and outstanding teachers. These amazing women work full-time in their careers, have families and make time to teach at the studio because they love teaching and are passionate about health and fitness. And, they seem to do all of this effortlessly.

One of the blessings of owning the studio is that I get to attend classes taught by these amazing teachers. I am continually inspired by them. This weekend, I attended Carrie’s barre class, which was so good and hard! And then I got to follow it up with Brittany’s hour flow yoga class, which helped “some” of the soreness from setting in immediately after Carrie’s class. LOL! I wanted to do Christina’s barre class but knew there was no way I could do three back-to-back classes! My body was talking to me and it said - “NO!” We stress listening to your body at the studio. If you have attended any of my classes, you have most likely heard me say, “You do you,” which is one of my ways of saying “listen to your body.” Was I able to do everything in Carrie’s class? No. Did I modify and change up my weights? Yes - my shoulder is still recovering from helping my daughter put together her IKEA bed. Did anyone care that I didn’t do everything perfectly, with 5 pound weights and not break in chair at the barre? No. Did Carrie think less of me? No. So, if you have any hesitation about coming to the studio because you are concerned you ”won’t be able to do everything,” you’re “not fit enough,” you need to “lose weight first” or you’re ”not flexible enough to do yoga,” please put those negative thoughts on a shelf and leave them there. Myself, as well as The Yoga Barre team of teachers would love to meet you and have the opportunity to show you why The Yoga Barre was voted Best Yoga, Barre and Pilates studio️ for a second year .




(Photo Heather Gillich)