The Benefits of Yoga and Barre Classes

The Benefits Of Yoga And Barre Classes

The positive feelings – and results – of a good yoga and barre class are unmatched.    Yoga and barre complement each other very well.   At The Yoga Barre, we have designed our weekly class schedule so our clients get cardio, strength and flexibility in a very comfortable and motivating setting.      

Are yoga and barre classes just a fad?  Absolutely not.   Yoga has been around for 5,000 years – yes, 5,000 years!   Safe to say it’s here to stay.  Barre is “relatively new” to our area but has been around for many, many years.  At The Yoga Barre, our barre method is Barre Intensity, which combines elements of yoga, Pilates, dance and functional fitness into one great, low impact workout.  The best of everything in one workout – definitely here to stay!

Not sure if barre or yoga is right for you? Here are a few of the health benefits you can enjoy by participating in yoga or barre classes with our certified instructors:

1. Increased Flexibility

Yoga is incredible for increasing your flexibility.  Even if you’re just a beginner, the poses that you do in yoga are a fantastic way to stretch out your muscles, and improve your flexibility. Better flexibility can help you in a number of ways – from improving your posture, to better performance when running or undertaking other athletic activities, and even reducing your risk of an athletic injury.

Barre also helps with flexibility. The isometric “micro-movements” used in barre classes help strengthen muscles and make them more flexible simultaneously – making it a wonderful full-body workout.

 2. Strengthens And Tones Muscles

 If you want long, lean muscle, barre and yoga are both ideal choices. Barre helps strengthen your muscles and adds muscle tone without adding excessive bulk, which makes it a fantastic choice if you are looking to get stronger without lifting weights, or using weight machines.

Yoga is also a fantastic way to strengthen your muscles. The isometric exercises used in more advanced poses activate multiple muscles groups at once, and help you build up your entire body.  And because yoga also helps you stretch and become more flexible, you’ll be able to use your strength to its fullest potential.

Together, barre and yoga can help you achieve a healthy body.  You’ll have the strength you need, and will be able to develop toned and leaned muscle without excess bulk.

3. Improves Cardiovascular And Aerobic Performance

 Barre is an intense workout that combines both light, high repetition weight and cardiovascular training into a single session. You’ll be breathing hard by the end of it – and the cardio workout of barre helps you increase the efficiency of your cardiovascular system, and burn quite a few calories simultaneously.  That’s a win-win!

And although yoga is not nearly as intense on the cardiovascular system, it does have a large impact on your aerobic performance. Yoga is all about breath control, and understanding your own body. As you continue to practice yoga, you will develop a much better mind-body connection, and feel more confident in your aerobic capacity, and your level of cardiovascular fitness.

Interested? Give Yoga And Barre A Try Today!

At The Yoga Barre, we offer vinyasa flow yoga, gentle yoga, Barre Intensity, and PiYo classes – and we’re always accepting new students.  So whether you’re interested in the mind-body enhancing power of yoga, the cardiovascular and muscular benefits of barre – or both – we’d love to hear from you!   You can find our class schedule and pricing options on our website –